Friday, October 30, 2009

doa untuk gaza

salam dari melaka.....

Allah is sufficient for us.
He is the best disposer of affairs
Oh magnificent, oh honored one
Save the Muslims of Gaza
Oh Allah ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Oh Allah, be for them a guardian and helper
Our Lord, strong are those who are near to you
Glorious is your praise
And sanctified are your names
Oh Allah no one can abolish your command
And no one can defeat your army
Praise and glory to you
Oh Allah to you the Jews are evil doers
Oh Allah revealer of the book
Mover of the clouds
Defeater of the armies
Crush them down and shatter them
Oh Allah show us in them signs of your might
Murderers of the messengers and prophets
Tyrants of the innocents
Oh Allah free the Muslims of Gaza
Oh magnificent, oh honored one
Oh Allah loose their chains
Heal their sickness
And uncover their torture
Oh Allah replace their fear with safety
Oh magnificent, oh honored one
Oh Allah strengthen Islam and the muslimeen
Lower and shirk and mushrikeen
Destroy the enemies of the religion
And protect the territories of Islam
And unite the word of the Muslims in truth, oh lord of the worlds
Oh Allah saves the weak and powerless of the muslimeen everywhere
Oh Allah improve the situation of the muslimeen in Palestine, Iraq Afghanistan and everywhere
Oh Allah bring together their hearts
Guide them on the paths of pace
And lead them from darkness into light, Oh magnificent, oh honored one

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adeq said...

doa kita di sini....
moga suatu hari nanti mereka mampu ketawa dan mengukir senyum syukur..............=)